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Why spirits stay in homes

11 Ways to recognize if there is an Earth Bound Spirit In Your Home

Spirits that have not passed on remain “Earth Bound”. There are a variety of reasons for this. The spirit may not know they have ‘died’ perhaps because they died suddenly or maybe the deceased did not want to leave their home and wanted to continue looking after it! If the la
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15 Things I have learnt as a medium

15 Things I have Learned As A Psychic Medium

1.    Many Methods Of Communication There are many styles with which one can communicate with the spirit world. For example: Clairvoyantly (seeing), Clairsentiently (feeling) and Clairaudiently (hearing). A Psychic Medium can use one or all of these. 2.    The First Thing That Comes In To Your Head
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What is the difference between a psychic and medium

What is the difference between a Psychic and a Medium?

By Denise Lescano, Medium and Author All Mediums are Psychics…not all Psychics are Mediums.  In the same way that all Surgeons are Doctors but not all Doctors will go on to be Surgeons.  A Medium is a specialist, so to speak.  A Psychic tunes into the “aura” or “energy field&
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