Spirit Release

Spirit Release
When a person “dies” and their spirit at times stays around on the earth plain. These Earth bound spirits it can “attach” themselves to a particular place they may have know while they were alive.  This can effect people and the place they are staying in, providing a negative influence such as things breaking, a heavy feeling around a particular room, personalities changing(depression, anger etc).

Spirit release helps pass those spirits in a empathic and respectful way and thereby lifting up the atmosphere of the place where the spirits were attached to.

Spirit Release Therapy dates back to antiquity. Virtually all cultures and religions address the issue of discarnate beings of various types influencing living people, causing various degrees of harm to their hosts.

Spirit Release differs from exorcism because it is non-confrontational and transformation is achieved through negotiation and unconditional love.  As well as freeing the client and channeling healing to them, we invoke the power of love and the assistance of  spirit guides to help the earthbound spirits on their evolutionary path towards enlightenment. They are transformed into a higher more evolved state from where they cannot return, for within the heart of every being, however dark, there is a core of light.  Our skill is in persuading it to find within itself this transformational light source – once it has transformed it cannot and would not wish to return.

Once the earthbound spirits have been released we would strongly recommend and underatke Space Clearing, to remove any residual negative energies and protect yourself and others, including buildings etc from any future invasions.

We offer ourselves as vehicles for the release of the spirits.  We treat all information in complete confidence and approach this work with great integrity