• It being my first ever reading, I felt very comfortable and emotional, but relaxed with what I was being told. Thank you
  • Session went well, very informative. Felt quite relaxed. Appreciated the connection with my grandparents. I would come back again
  • Paresh was very good , enjoyed my self and was spot on Thank you Veena
  • I have taken great comfort in the reading and have a distinct feeling that my life will get better as it is on a turning point. Thank  you very much Paresh
  • Felt apprehensive to start, but found the reading relaxed, comforting and accurate. Feel it will help me move forward
  • I had a lovely reading. I felt very relaxed and comfortable. Thank you
  • An amazing experiance! Interesting reading. Very much recommended
  • Amazing reading. Many aspects about my past was spot on, looking forward to my future
  • The reading was very accurate as far as past, present and future situations are concerned. The explanations and communications of the entire reading process was also very effective. Will look forward to visting again, when I am back in town, the next time Thank you!
  • The reading was very to the point. It described my past, present and future to the T. I am very impressed with it. Thank you for opening my eyes and guiding me through the future
  • I can confidently describe my experience as genuine and reassuring. I immediately felt at ease and the presence of my grandmother has warmed my hearts, as this is something I genuinely felt- Thank you
  • Paresh is amazing. I haven’t always liked what he says because, kindly, he tells me the truth. His integrity determines his need to say what needs to be said: not what the listener wants to hear. I have learnt through experience that he is to be listened to: when I haven’t, I have elongated a painful lesson that could have been over and done with far more quickly and the lesson learnt more efficiently! He is a tour de force. I have known many mediums and recommend Paresh highly and most importantly, trust him implicitly.
  • Precise, sincere, direct. A detailed reading, that was both surprising and encouraging.
  • Very interesting and thought provoking
  • Paresh has a very gentle plus calm energy and I found his reading insightful and really helpful. He took so much time- very giving and narturing. Thank you
  • It's been wonderful to have this reading. It has helped me enormously; to move on with my life and get on with the future
  • It was the most accurate and loving reading I have ever had, Your manners is most kind and moving. Indicating that you actually care- Thank you
  • Very sensitive and interesting reading

  • Readings have been very accurate for current situation. I have enjoyed this session a lot
  • Got me completely "spot on". Paresh related details read  on the cards about my past and present with accuracy. Very pleased with reading
  • I was very impressed with my reading. Everything that Paresh said was correct
    Nick M
  • Your reading was "insightful" and has made me really think about how my past has influenced my present, but must n't influence my future. You have given me more hope then I realised, I needed- Thank you